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Organ Monkey Automaton

This organ monkey automaton is the ideal companion to any fairground, street or busker organ, providing considerable added interest and to the audience.
The monkey is battery powered and will run for many hours on a full charge.

The monkey's arms are made of spring steel and operated by springs so it can't exert a harmful force on anyone who may hold it, nor will it be damaged if the arms are obstructed.

The monkey sits on a 'banana box' that contains a high quality motor and gear box with a belt drive to the cam shaft for a smooth, quiet and reliable operation. The cam shaft runs in sealed ball bearings and the cam followers have individual ball bearings. The motor speed is adjustable by a knob underneath the skin and an electronic speed control.

The 'banana box' is shown with the base removed, normally the mechanics are fully enclosed for safety.
The monkey's body can be detached from the 'banana box' simply by undoing two screws and un-clipping four springs, allowing it to be packed away easily.
The box has built in handles for easy carrying and the separate 12V battery pack has a convenient carry handle.
The monkey's right hand has a Velcro pad to attach the banana which can be replaced if required. The left hand has Velcro pads allowing it to grip light weight objects such as the flag shown in the video, which is not included, it can not lift heavy objects for the safety reasons already mentioned.
The monkey is approximately 500mm (20") high from the top of its head to the bottom of the box.

Unfortunately this monkey is not currently available as the motor and gearbox that it was designed around is no longer available, it will be redesigned around a new motor and gearbox when our other commitments permit.